E.COOLINE is part of the trillion tree campaign, the most ambitious reforestation project in human history. Together with the kids of Plant-For-The-Planet, HSH Fürst Albert von Monaco, Boris Becker, Bundesminister Gerd Müller and more, we met at the kick-off-event in Monaco.

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According to the UN climate report the number of hot days will increase by up to three times by the year 2020. This is only one of the impacts of climate change. We can fight the impacts with our environmentally friendly E.COOLINE cooling textiles. But we want more. Therefore, we support both the UN Global Compact, an initiative of the United Nations „caring for climate“, and the World Forest Foundation of the Senate of Economy „Senat der Wirtschaft“.

Together with political and economic institutions they stand up for environmental protection on a very high level.

But this is not enough. For us, environmental protection starts first and foremost in our own company. By having implemented various measures, we decreased our power consumption in our Ulm headquarters by 25%.
Additionally, we retained the agency „ClimatePartner“ to have our company analysed and to define appropriate action to make pervormance international and the E.COOLINE cooling textiles climate neutral.

Thus, all companies, athletes and other users of our products can fight against one of the biggest problems of climate change without leaving a carbon footprint. Small steps lead to big accomplishments.

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The world heats up. Therefore we produce climate neutral since 2013. Furthermore we cool in an innovative but naturally way and save over 90% CO2 in comparison to usual air conditioning. With E.COOLINE you protect your health from climate heat stress in a sustainable way and save the future for our children.

Climate neutral means

All carbon emissions of our company and the entire range of products are recorded and balanced over a recognized climate protection project.

CO2 reduction

We reduce all emissions as far as possible.The inevitable emissions yield the carbon footprintof our company and our products. Furthermore we savemore than 90% CO2 compared to conventional air conditioning systemsif you use E.COOLINE products instead.

CO2 calculation

All carbon emissions that occur in our factory and alongthe supply chain of our products during production and transport, we calculate according to the Greenhouse Gas ProtocolCorporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

CO2 compensation

All unavoidable emissions are compensated with the climate protection project April Salumei in Papua New Guinea. In this way, we protect the local forest as CO2 storage and preserve the livelihood for the indigenous community and countless animal and plant species.

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