Shortly after having been awarded the prize of  the „Land of Ideas“, we were appointed to the Senate of Economy.

The Senate is composed of personalities of  economy, science and culture who committed themselves to common welfare. The goals of the Senate comprise economic fairness and sustainability as well as the development of an eco-social market economy. In this context, the members regularly enter into intense communication with decision makers in policy.

Thus, the Senate intends to support political decisions by using the experience of  economic experts and knowledge of scientists. These consultants operate independently and regardless of political or economic affiliation. The Senate is presently represented by Prof. Dr. Dr. Radermacher who is also highly respected on an international level as a member of the Club of Rome.

The Senate is internationally represented by the Global Economic Network. Honorary president of the GEN is Prof. Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh, founder and head of the Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

pervormance international focuses on the balance between economy and responsibility. Environment, health, safety and a future security are our main concerns.

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