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70% faster at cool temperatures

Higher temperatures may have negative impacts on patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. High temperatures reduce their quality of life, for example in summer or in hot countries. The result is extreme exhaustion, loss of performance and health problems. Not only the fatigue syndrome (Uhthoff’s phenomenon) but additional symptoms like deterioration and decreased concentration.

The results a study carried out by the Kessler Foundation in the USA confirm that patients affected by MS do have significant problems in heat. Victoria M. Leavitt: „Memory and processing speed were measured in 40 individuals with MS and 40 healthy people without MS. The study was conducted throughout the calendar year, and the daily temperature at the time of testing was recorded. The results showed that patients with MS scored 70 percent higher on the tests on cooler days.”

This is confirmed by many people with MS. Concentration decreases at high temperatures. Particularly MS patients who often drive or are exposed to risks at their workplaces should care that their concentration does not drop.

In any case, test situations or activities where a cool head is required should possibly not be performed at high temperatures.

The solution for situations where heat cannot be avoided is E.COOLINE.



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Victoria M. Leavitt

Victoria M. Leavitt, Kessler Foundation, USA

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Kessler foundation proves:

Higher body temperature in relapsing MS

In March 2014, the Kessler Foundation published an additional study. Persons affected by relapsing MS showed averagely higher body temperatures than healthy people even when not exposed to heat. Furthermore, they showed more fatigue symptoms.

This unique study demonstrates that the body temperature of patients with relapsing MS is higher also without heat and it is assumed that fatigue symptoms cannot be remedied by drugs such as Modafinil but by cooling clothes.

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Cool summer

Fatigue symptoms significantly reduced by E.COOLINE

The use of E.COOLINE cooling vests significantly reduces the symptoms of the Uhthoff’s phenomenon in multiple sclerosis, as demonstrated by the E.COOLINE application study carried out in the south of Germany.

The results were unambiguous: 100%, i.e. all of the persons affected judged the cooling effect of COOLINE as good to very good. The comfort of the vests and their easy and quick handling was positively rated by more than 80% to over 90% of the persons interviewed although occasional cases of advanced stages of MS had been included in the study.

Also 85% of the therapists, who had always been very critical, were convinced by the efficiency of the E.COOLINE cooling vest. More than 70% of the therapists would recommend the E.COOLINE cooling vest.

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High energy

Better performance

The interviews with patients did not only include symptoms of exhaustion but also levels of performance.
The patients were questioned on the following parameters:

  1. Performance level
  2. Completion of sports practice
  3. Concentration
  4. Fatigue
  5. Symptoms

A distinction was made between wearing at high ambient temperatures, wearing during bodily exercise, and wearing of the vest during bodily exercise at high ambient temperatures.

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100% less exhaustion

In all three cases, more than 80-90 % of the patients agreed that the cooling vests produced improvement, both at only high temperatures and during additional physical work. The score

was particularly high on the parameters “improved performance” and “less fatigue”. This emerged also from the additional comments of the patients.


Fachklinik für Neurologie Dietenbronn GmbH, Schwendi / Asklepios Klinik, Schaufling / Reha-Zentrum Nittenau, Nittenau / Kiliani-Klinik, Bad Windsheim / Marianne-Strauß-Klinik, Berg-Kempfenhausen / Neurologisches Rehabilitationszentrum Bad Wildbad / Neurologische Hochschulambulanz, Ulm / Neurologische Klinik Selzer GmbH & Co. KG, Baiersbronn

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Symptoms improved by E.COOLINE

In a study carried out by Judendorf clinic of Graz, Austria, headed by Professor Dr. Peter Grieshofer, the E.COOLINE cooling vests were tested during a 4-weeks neurorehabilitation phase of 185 patients. The patients wore the E.COOLINE cooling vest 5 times per week once a day for 60 minutes each day.


Improvement of fatigue: +76%
Muscular strength: +82%
Walking stability:+54%

Ever since, the clinic has used the E.COOLINE cooling vests in neurorehabilitation programs.

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simply cool

Personal well-being improved by 124%

In an additional study of Prof. Dr. Grieshofer of the Judendorf clinic, 78 MS patients were cooled by the E.COOLINE cooling vest either 25 min. (20%) or 50 min. in 14 therapy units. After the first and after the last therapy units each of the patients was questioned by means of an analogue scale from 1 (bad) to 10 (very good).

The well-being of the patients averagely increased by 124% from 3.3 scores to 7.4 scores.


Improved symptoms

In a pilot study of the neurological center of Dr. Cramer in Hannover, Germany, the fatigue scales of 10 MS patients (3 female, 7 male) wearing E.COOLINE were to be determined with regard to changes in motor and cognitive abilities.

For this purpose, the patients were interviewed with and without E.COOLINE cooling therapy.
Basis of the study was the MSCF test with the following components:

  • T25W (fastest time to walk 25 feet /7.6 m)
  • 9-hPT (nine hole peg test)
  • PSAT (paced auditory serial addition test) or d2 test

With E.COOLINE, the following statements apply to the patients at elevated ambient temperatures:

  • Legs less heavy       
  • Better concentration
  • Longer way of walk    
  • Better memory
  • Better motor skills     
  • More energy and drive
  • Less tired


Weniger Erschoepfung fuer MS Patienten

Important notice: The cooling application with E.COOLINE does not replace any medical therapies. It just reduces health problems of MS caused by high temperatures.

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