ecooline hightech heat protection in sports
ecooline hightech heat protection in sports



People like to be outside when the sun is shining. Fresh air and exercise is a combination most people enjoy. The rise of temperatures in the past years contribute to a increase in (too) hot days. Providing effective heat protection in sports is getting crucial – both for performance and health reasons.

Doctors and sports scientists found that good sporting performance can only be achieved with the optimum body temperature.This finding is based on numerous studies. As a former professional athlete and national coach, I know found this to be correct. That is why we have developed the perfect heat protection strategy with E.COOLINE Sports


Sabine Stein / Sport Scientist

I love sports, but not above 30°C

Athlete, summer 2019



“I’m going to lie down in the ice bucket for 3 days” was one of the reactions after the sweaty game at the World Cup. But not only professional players overheat. Everyone who plays sports at high temperatures knows that sports in heat can damage the body. Muscle cramps, exhaustion and circulation problems are the order of the day. In extreme cases this can lead to heat stroke, as has happened in recent years at some marathon events. This does not have to be! Depending on the type of sport, you can already relieve some heat stress from your body with cooling headgear such as a baseball cap or headband and arm coolers. Thanks to the 3D technology of E.COOLINE you are actively cooled with up to 660 watts.


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High temperatures demand maximum performance from our bodies. Performance and concentration decrease significantly. Even top athletes have to struggle with this problem. When it comes to top athletic performances, just 1% more can make the difference between 1st and 8th place. According to sports scientists, even 1.5-2% fluid loss leads to a 4% loss in performance. So heat can have a direct impact on your victory. Heat build-up with a sharp rise in body temperature can lead to heat stroke or even failure of vital organs. Cooling can prevent that. Lotus Formula 1 team boss Paul Seaby explains how it works.

The key factor of success:A perfect strategy



The World Championships in Doha werde branded as a „Disaster“. Shocking scenes at the marathon showed numerous athletes collapse. Almost half the field failed to finish.

Several athletes had to give up due to heat problems. Doha was a tough test for Tokyo, where temperatures are exprected to exceed those in Quatar. The German athletes (DLV) have prepared fort he heat -they are using E.COOLINE.

cooling makes soccer champions


Up to 10% better


Game days can get tough. The kick-off is at temperatures of up to 40 degrees; even well-trained soccer professionals start sweating quickly! The 2022 World Cup in Qatars biggest obstacle is the heat. Many discussions revolve solely around the heat stress of the players.

Work or physical exercise in hot weather is almost impossible without sweating. Thermoregulation is at full speed. Sweat-soaked clothing extremely unpleasant – exhaustion, loss of performance and health problems are far worse. Heavy perspiration also means a high loss of energy, which often leads to loss of performance and health problems. This can be countered with combining sportswear with appropriate cooling clothing – such as a cooling vest or cooling shirt.
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top athletes of the DLV use e.cooline



The right body temperature can be the difference between victory and defeat. For this reason top athletes such as the German National Athletics Team (DLV) have been using cooling vests with COOLINE SX3 technology since years. The decathlon team demonstrated it in an exemplary manner. They used the cooling systems during warm up, between each discipline and even between each attempt, for examplein discus throwing. Result: Vice World Champion 2013 and European Champion 2018.

Decathlon national coach Christopher Hallmann said: “The decathlon days were the hottest days of the European Championship. The tartan was partly 70 degrees… the cooling down was always convenient 🙂 and so clothing also contributed to the gold medals of Arthur and Niklas!


pole position by cooling


In the meantime, cycling races are also held in Qatar or other hot countries. There it is especially important to have the right heat coaching strategy. That is why the German Cyclists’ Federation relies on E.COOLINE for races in hot climates. Not only the professionals sweat. An increasing number of people ride their bikes in their leisure time, to work or to the office. In summer this can be quite sweaty. After all, there is no air conditioning on the bike.

But there are E.COOLINE cooling vests for cyclists and helmet inlays or bandanas under the helmet. If you like, you can also use the PowerArmCooler – just like the professionals. With them you arrive much more relaxed. After all, cycling is considered the most sustainable means of transport in road traffic. Even at high temperatures it can be a pleasure when wearing E.COOLINE clothing.

heat knocks out

less sweat – more energy


Some sports stand for sweat and heat. Unfortunately, this is exactly the problem! Because the body has to produce the sweat and needs a lot of energy. Energy which is no longer available for the next punch.

Often the last two rounds are characterized by exhaustion, lack of concentration and decrease of performance. An easy KO. World champions already use E.COOLINE. The cooling vest for precooling before the fight starts and the E.COOLINE towel for intercooling in the breaks. For more concentration and performance until the final round!

cool in summer

Cool instead of sweaty


Jens Maspfuhl is german golf champion and tetraplegic. A tetraplegic, due to his condition, is no longer able to sweat. Golfing takes place outdoors and preferably under the sun – hot temperatures inclusive. If you cannot sweat, this is a problem. Your body temperature will rise and high performance will become difficult. Cooling is needed. With E.COOLINE cooling vest and basecap Jens Maspfuhl stays cool and succesful!

Not only tetraplegics but also paraplegics as handbikers benefit from cooling in their sports as well as other handicapped who love their sports also in the summer time.

cooling textiles

heat protection to wear

preperation and regeneration are equally important

Professional recovery with E.COOLINE

An increasing number of games and tournaments take place in shorter sequences. It is important, that players stay injury-free as long as possible, best until the end of the season. How do you manage that?

Our experience

In a large-scale study led by the University of Saarbrücken, several regeneration measures were tested for their effectiveness. The result: Cooling is one of the few measures that lead to effective results during regeneration. The recovery time is shortened and micro injuries can be healed before more serious injuries occur. The player is fit again and more likely to remain injury-free. A success for the whole team!

Ice bath or cooling vest?

Ice baths are known to be effective, but they are not environmentally friendly because you need a lot of energy. Instead, leg cooling with E.COOLINE Chaps and PowerBoots or using the BigPad is a good alternative.

If you have already used a cooling vest for precooling (warming up with cooling), simply put it on again for recovery.

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